Affiliate Program

Quickly and effortlessly earn more Free bitcoin by referring users to

Each time a referred user surfs the campaign queue and gets paid, you get paid a percentage of their earnings, it's that simple!

Start surfing to automatically create your account, access referral tools from your account menu and earn more free bitcoin!

Referral earnings are paid out to your microwallet account once you have reached the set "cashout" threshold. Earnings vary depending on the duration of the campaign being viewed. Only when a referred user has successfully completed the captcha will you get your % added to your vault.

How it Works

  • Track referral earnings
  • Unique referral URL generator
  • Access Ad banners with referral URL
  • Unlimited referrals!
  • Earn up to 50% BTC
+ more!

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Having trouble getting started? View sample walkthrough videos below for Surfers and for Advertisers.

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