Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For Surfers

  • What is is classified as a PTS or Paid-To-Surf website focused on bitcoin demographic. In short, you get paid to surf through our advertisers websites and earn free bitcoin.

  • How do i get free bitcoin?

    Simply enter your bitcoin wallet address in the form input located on the homepage and Start Surfing. View the walkthrough video here.

  • How do i create an account?

    This is done by entering your bitcoin wallet address in the Start Surfing form on the homepage. Surfer accounts are automatically created and are based on your bitcoin wallet address.

  • How do i log in to my account?

    You can login by either a.) Entering your bitcoin wallet address in the start surfing form on the homepage or by clicking the log in link located in the top right corner of the site.

  • Where can i get a bitcoin wallet address from?

    There are various places where you can get a free bitcoin wallet address from. is a good place to start. Here you can select the type of wallet you would like (desktop, mobile, web etc.). You can then generate a new bitcoin wallet address from within each respective program.

  • How do i get paid?

    Each time you view a campaign and the countdown timer reaches 0 a Get Paid button will appear. Click this button and enter the Captcha Code as requested.

    Only once you have successfully entered this Captcha Code will you get paid the assigned amount of bitcoin to your Vault.

    When your vault total reaches the assigned threshold you can then request a cashout. Cashouts are automatically run once every 24 hours at 12:00pm UTC.

  • Where can i find my unique referral ID and other referral tools?

    Referral tools are accessible through your Account menu (top right). You need to be logged in to view this page.

  • How much do i get paid for viewing campaigns?

    Payouts vary and are based on the amount of display time which the campaign has assigned to it. These can range between 10 and 60 seconds for example and the payout increases depending on the length of the display time.

  • Why do i need to verify my bitcoin wallet address to access some areas in my account?

    By "signing a message" we are able to verify that you are the actual owner of the bitcoin wallet address which you are currently signed in with. Certain areas in your account that display sensitive data are required to have a verified address before being made accessible.

    NOTE: Each bitcoin address needs to have a unique e-mail address in order to be verified. You cannot verify multiple addresses with the same e-mail account.

  • How do i verify my bitcoin wallet address?

    This varies depending on the type of wallet from where you have generated your bitcoin address. You need to locate the Sign Message link within your desired wallet. Once located, follow the instructions provided on that page to submit a form and generate a signature. These usually consist of the following: 1.) Your current password, 2.) Message to sign (available to copy/paste on the verify page), 3.) Your bitcoin address.

    Once you have entered these, click on sign message and a string of characters will be displayed as a signature. Copy this signature and paste it into the form on along with your e-mail address and proceed to verify.

  • I need more help but can't find it here.

    Have you watched our walkthrough video on how to start surfing and earning free bitcoin? If you still have unanswered questions feel free to contact us.

FAQ For Advertisers

  • How do i create an account?

    Advertiser accounts are created automatically when you set up and submit your very first campaign.

  • What's the difference between a Unique Visit campaign and a Resurfable campaign?

    Unique Visit campaigns are served once to users and are visible only through the 'auto-surf' queue.

    Resurfable campaigns are served once every 24 hours to users and are visible only through the 'manual-surf' queue which is accessible through all surfer accounts.

  • My campaign was paid for but is not yet active.

    Campaigns are screened by staff to ensure they meet the required criteria before being activated. This is usually instant but can take up to 24 hours.

  • My campaign has been disabled before it ended.

    Active campaigns are constantly monitored after being activated. If we see that your website is not following rules we will disable it immediately. A reason as to why the campaign has been disabled is made available in your campaign details account page.

  • What types of websites do you NOT allow on

    Websites submitted as campaigns need to be family safe. We do not allow any campaigns which contain pornography, adult, or mature content as well as websites that do not play nicely within iframes.

    Please make sure your campaign URL has no re-directs enabled, has no X-Frame-Options set and can be embedded within an iFrame.

  • How do you detect user's location for targeted campaigns?

    We utilize the maxmind API to detect users geolocation and act accordingly.

  • How do you detect if a user is behind a proxy?

    We utilize the maxmind Proxy Detection API to see whether a user is behind a proxy. Maxmind returns a "score rating" and we act accordingly based on that info. If your campaign has Proxy Detection enabled you can be assured that your views are 100% unique.

  • Is your site secure?

    Yes, uses a 256 BIT SSL certificate with AES encryption to ensure your data is kept secure during calls to and from our server.

  • My website returns a 403/other error in the campaign form.

    This is usually due to the fact that you have some sort of a re-direct enabled. Please check with your web host or webmaster. If you believe this is returned in error please contact us to further investigate the issue.

  • I'd like to advertise my product/services on your website.

    Apart from listing your campaign on we also offer ad placement throughout our platform. Please contact us for more information.

  • I need more help but can't find it here.

    Have you watched our walkthrough video on how to add a new campaign? If you still have unanswered questions feel free to contact us.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

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